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3D Home Tours

We’re pleased to announce that DAVID BRENTON’S TEAM is the first real estate team in Indiana to offer Matterport 3D scanning & 3D Home Tours: The equivalent of HD Google Street View for the interior of a house. This new format provides customers the ability to virtually tour a property in 3D from anywhere in the world.

What is a Matterport 3D Home Tour?

A Matterport 3D Home Tour is a complete three-dimensional representation of a space, which lets you “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there. The 3D camera uses both 2D and 3D sensors to scan and capture the appearance and dimensions of the space. 3D Home Tours allow users to move through the property as if they were strolling through a home. They can move through any room on any floor. The order of the tour is up to them. And, navigating the home is simple and intuitive.


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How is the tour created?

Our 3D camera is placed in multiple positions throughout the space. In each position, a camera body holding nine individual lenses (6 HDRs and 3 infrared) rotates with its built-in motor to gather data in 360 degrees. The data is then uploaded into the cloud for processing and for the data to be processed into a Model. Once the Model is complete then it is available to be viewed online.

Floor Plan View:

The floor plan view allows the buyers to see the measurements and better grasp the concept of space in the rooms, with the added benefit of the inclusion of furniture. This feature reinforces the ability for the buyer to determine if certain rooms are too big or small.

Dollhouse View:

The dollhouse view is a 3D version of the floor plan that allows potential buyers to see the flow of the house from all angles. This allows the buyers an opportunity to step back and view the house from a distance – but with the walls still up, encourages them to visualize the available space within each room. The 3D concept is a more realistic view and allows the buyer to easily and effectively determine whether the space meets his or her needs and desires.

No longer must buyers guess how rooms connect and, in a multi-story home, stack up. With the Dollhouse View available in the 3D Home Tours, buyers can see for themselves whether the master bedroom is above the garage, or how far the kitchen is from the door. Dollhouse View allows users to step back from a structure and see its interior – and all its floors- from above, the back, a side or anywhere in between. 3D Home Tours allow buyers to see a space as they never have before.

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