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Monthly Archives: April 2020

    Essential to Our Community

    By David Brenton's Team | April 20, 2020

    “We are here for you” by David Brenton If you spend much time watching TV shows about real estate, you might get the impression that being a Realtor is all glitz and glamour. The reality of our jobs is that we offer a critical service to families in the midst of making a huge, life-altering... Read More

    Selling Homes from Our Homes

    By David Brenton's Team | April 20, 2020

    “Things change. The only thing constant is change. It’s up to you to be adaptable.” Like many essential businesses right now, we are doing our part to protect ourselves and everyone else by practicing social distancing and taking additional safety precautions. Working in an industry that is so communication-driven, we are fortunate to be able... Read More