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Essential to Our Community

“We are here for you”

by David Brenton

If you spend much time watching TV shows about real estate, you might get the impression that being a Realtor is all glitz and glamour. The reality of our jobs is that we offer a critical service to families in the midst of making a huge, life-altering decision.

The reason we remain open is not for the houses, it’s for people who are in need. And in times as uncertain as these, serving our community is more important than ever. We don’t talk about these stories often because we want to respect the privacy of our clients.

  • A family who lost their home in a fire and needed to move into a new home immediately.
  • A retired couple who lost their savings in the stock market and were forced to sell their home in order to support themselves financially.
  • A mother escaping an abusive relationship in need of a new housing situation to be able to protect herself and her children.
  • The children of a recently deceased parent trying to manage an estate and make funeral arrangements.
  • Parents of a young child with medical needs who need to live closer to the medical specialists and facilities their child needs to survive.
  • A family squeezing every inch out of their home with another baby on the way.
  • A recently downsized employee who can no longer afford his current mortgage.
  • An elderly man who can no longer walk the stairs from his bedroom to his kitchen.

We don’t talk about these stories often because we want to respect the privacy of our clients, but these aren’t just stories. These are people who we have helped countless times, and families we will continue to serve and support during this uncertain time.

“But these are the stories you don’t see on Reality TV. The sad and frightening stories of death, divorce, illness, and financial turmoil. We are an essential business because we offer an irreplaceable service to people in need.”

Our Team will continue to serve our clients in every way we can because they rely on us to help and guide them through some of the biggest decisions of their lives. As times change, we have adapted some of the ways that we operate to keep everyone safe, but we will always do so with the goal of serving our clients the highest level of personalized service.

If you have questions about the real estate market right now, call us at 317.882.7210 or fill out our contact form.

You can also read articles about the state of our real estate market and how to make the most of your current home on our Team Blog and in our Team Newspaper.


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