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Fresh Air: Decorating with Plants

by Sarah B. Smith, Team Managing Broker

I have the fondest memories of visiting my Grandparents and learning about the wide variety of plants that graced their home.

My Grandfather had the ultimate “Green Thumb” and could breathe life into any plant, succulent, fern, or tree. He is one of the few people I know that could even keep a Poinsettia looking beautiful year round.

After spending the last few months with more time at home, I have been increasing my own collection of plants to spruce up my decor and bring the outside in.

Turns out this has emotional and physical benefits as well. Beyond their aesthetic value, having plants in your home reduces toxins in the air, and improves air quality to say nothing of the many aromatherapy benefits that particular plants can have.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that plants are especially beneficial for those who are ill, assisting in the lowering of stress levels among long-term patients.

The consensus is clear: bringing green plant life into your home literally adds life into the space. Now whether your thumb is green, blue or any other shade in the rainbow, grab some plants and enjoy benefits beyond just the great decor. Personally I need easy, low maintenance variety, but maybe you are a bit more like my beloved Grandpa Joe.

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