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Home Offices: More Desirable Than Ever

by David Brenton’s Team

For years, we’ve heard about the most desirable home features buyers are looking for, from upgraded kitchens to remodeled bathrooms, master suites, and more. The latest on the hot-list, however, might surprise you: home offices.

Today, more and more people are working remotely, and that’s not just because the current pandemic prompted businesses to operate virtually.

According to the same piece and the most recent data available, the number of employees working at home was fairly steady from 1997 – 2004 but has been climbing ever since.

Clearly, the work-from-home population is growing, and technology is making it possible. People all over the U.S. are looking for answers on how to be most effective at home, and it’s making the ideal workspace more and more desirable.

With today’s increasing demand for home offices, it’s a great feature to highlight within your listing if you’re selling a house that may meet this growing need.

From bright natural light with large windows for sunlight to built-in bookshelves or a quiet and secluded atmosphere with a door, whatever makes your office space shine is worth mentioning to buyers when you’re ready to list your house.

Remote work may become more widely accepted as this current crisis teaches us how businesses throughout the country will need to adapt to function virtually. So, what seems like a business challenge today may be more of the norm tomorrow.

With that in mind, if you have a home office, your house may be more desirable to buyers than you think.

We have buyers actively looking for a new home with a dedicated office space. Let’s chat and see if your home is a match.


Productivity & Efficiency

For a home office to truly be a success, focus on creating an area that promotes productivity and efficiency. While a sofa may sound ideal, having a designated space for your work will allow you to find success while working from home.

With students also spending time at home focused on e-learning, whether in kindergarten or college, having a dedicated office or study space can benefit the whole family.

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