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Huddle Up, Team!

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

-H. E. Luccok

One of the biggest keys to successful Teamwork is communication. In order for our office to function seamlessly to best serve all of our clients, every Team member must be kept in the loop. That’s why we get together every day, as a Team, to huddle up and reconnect.

In real estate, the only constant is change. Therefore, we have discovered that it is crucial for Team continuity to have a daily Team huddle to see what has changed since the day before. Priorities shift, obstacles arise, expectations change. That’s why we have to keep a constant line of communication between all Team members in regard to every client and every transaction.

Percy helps to keep the Team on track!

We also find that touching base with each other daily allows us to stay more connected personally. When you work as hard as our Team does, it can become easy to focus so much on the work that you forget to check in on your teammates’ personal lives. We are more than just a Team, we are a family. Sometimes our furry friends even come to attend our morning huddles!

By combining over 100 years of real estate sales experience with an effective marketing plan, our Team approach has proven to produce results time and again. The collective experience of our Team allows us to prepare you for nearly any speed bump you could encounter along the road to meeting your real estate goals.

The Team approach that we utilize allows each individual on our Team to focus their time on the aspects of real estate that make the best use of their talents and skills. A talented and hardworking individual can only accomplish so much. But by working together and supporting each other, we are able to surpass the quality and quantity of work that any of us could ever do on our own.

“Our Team’s proven approach produces results for your that equate to real financial savings and peace of mind.”

At David Brenton’s Team, we believe in the true value of experience, hard work, and a proven Team concept. Learn more about what makes our Team such a great value!

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