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Maximize Outdoor Living

by David Brenton’s Team

Outdoor living is a key component of enjoying your home. Whether you are planting a garden, enhancing your landscaping, or adding a patio or porch, this is the perfect time of year to make the most of this area. When you’re ready to sell your house, these key features may make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

As a homeowner, it’s important to enjoy your home as much as possible. This may include dedicated outdoor spaces such as a screened porch or patio, or it could be as easy as incorporating a few plants into your indoor spaces.

These tips will not only help the environment thrive. If you’re looking to sell your house these upgrades could even make your home more appealing.

1. Love Your Lawn
Do a quick soil check before putting down any new seed or nutrients to check the acidity. Slow-release fertilizer can help boost the health of existing grass. A great time to spread is right before a good rainstorm.

2. Landscape Garden Beds
Avoid sprouting weeds by attending to your garden beds early. You may need to redistribute your mulch or add extra landscape fabric to block weeds.

3. Spice Up Your Options
It’s a great time to transplant ground cover or put new plants into your beds. Frequent showers/watering can help the roots take hold.

4. Clean Your Outdoor Furniture
A little elbow grease will make a big difference in sprucing up your outdoor furniture or decor items. A bucket of warm water may do the trick or a power washer may be needed for stubborn stains.

5. Energy Efficient Lighting
Replace your outdoor spotlights or edging lights with LED bulbs for efficiency. Solar options can be useful in areas without electric access and can make a big impact for safety and enjoyment.

We Can Find Your Perfect Home to Enjoy Outdoor Living.

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