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The Value of Experience

by David Brenton, Team Broker/Owner

As with any product, value isn’t determined by dollars alone. The true value of something is what you get for what you’re paying. That’s why using David Brenton’s Team for your real estate needs is truly the best value around.

By combining decades of real estate sales experience with an effective marketing plan, our Team approach has proven to produce results time and again. The collective experience of our Team allows us to prepare you for nearly any speed bump you could encounter along the road to meeting your real estate goals.

The Team approach that we utilize allows each individual on our Team to focus their time on the aspects of real estate that make the best use of their talents and skills. A talented and hardworking individual can only accomplish so much. But by working together and supporting each other, we are able to surpass the quality and quantity of work that any of us could ever do on our own.

While cutting corners to save some money may feel like a good idea, it often tends to be short-sighted. Statistics have shown that using a high-quality REALTOR can earn you more money in the sale of your home. Additionally, having the experience of a good Team on your side puts you in the position to better negotiate terms and overcome potential pitfalls.

The Team’s proven approach produces results for you that equate to real financial savings.

“Our clients net higher sales prices, lower days on the market, and
fewer lost sales due to inspections or financing.”

When working with our Team, the potential savings in time and money alone can offset the cost of any REALTOR commission. Add to that the peace of mind that comes with having a seasoned REALTOR you can trust and the decision becomes a no-brainer.

So when you are ready to get serious about achieving your real estate goals, make sure to do your homework. Research the highest quality REALTORS with the most experience and best reputation. Then, choose a Team that will put your best interest first and work toward meeting your real estate goals.

At David Brenton’s Team, we believe in the true value of experience, hard work, and a proven Team concept. Learn more about what makes our Team such a great value!

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